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Digital Thermometers, Temperature Loggers & Probes

Temperature Loggers

Australian supplier of low cost Temperature Loggers Low cost Temperature Loggers for food transport and storage. Only 60mm in diameter, secured via chain.

EC-Disklog-10 logger (near right) logs -10 to 70º C
Software and interface also available.

The Escort mini 2000 (far right) is a low cost logger for all applications where they will not be wet, especially for freezers. LEDs give immediate status of the logger and an optional printer eliminates the need for a PC.

Milwaukee Portable Thermometers

Australian supplier of Milwaukee Portable ThermometersMilwaukee makes a wide range of Digital Thermometers to suit all applications. These Digital Thermometers are fast and accurate and offer top quality at low cost. They cover temperatures from -50 degrees C to 150 degrees.

TH310 4" Probe ideal soil, many other uses.

Other models available with 1 meter cable and 41/4" probe.

Long Temperature Probes

For measuring temperature in compost, hay or liquid.

Lengths available: 3ft (90cm), 4ft (1.2m), or made to order 2ft (60cm). Even longer probes can also be made to order.

For measuring temperature in compost, hay or liquid. For measuring temperature in compost, hay or liquid.

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Weather & Humidity

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