Kestral 3000 Pocket Weather Meter

The Kestral 3000 Pocket Weather Meter is the ONLY hand-held instrument for measuring wind speed, temperature, wind chill, relative humidity, head index and dew point temperature. Pocket-sized and easy to use, the Kestral allows you to take fast, accurate reading of the environment conditions whenever and wherever you are.

Pocket Weather Meter - Kestrel 3000The Kestral 3000 Pocket Weather Meter is being used locally for agricultural spray Quality Assurance purposes as well as by rural fire fighter teams out in the field.

  • Wind speed readings in knots, meters per second, miles per hour, feet per minute, Beaufort force.
  • Wind Speed accuracy ±3%
  • Very low startup speed, 0.3 M/S
  • External temperature and humidity sensors for fast and accurate response.
  • Temperature readings in ºC and ºF
  • Temperature and Dew Point accuracy ±1ºC
  • Humidity accuracy ±3%
  • Impeller can be replaced without tools
  • Includes slip-on hard cover, adjustable lanyard, and battery.
  • Waterproof
  • Floats
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Assembled in USA

Wind Speed Functions:
Operating Modes: Moving 3-second average, maximum 3-second gust and average wind speed.
Scales: Knots, meters per second, kilometers per hour, miles per hour, feet per minute, and Beaufort.

Temperature and Humidity Functions:
Operating Modes: Temperature; wind chill, relative humidity, heat index, dew point.
Dimensions: 122 x 42 x 14mm, weight 43 gm.

Kestrel is a trademark of the Nielsen-Kellerman Co.

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