Relative Humidity Meters

Center 300 Relative Humidity Meter series

Relative Humidity Meters A low cost portable Relative Humidity (RH) Meter, the Center 300 series comprise high quality RH meters with temperature reading, auto off & RS232 output.

Model 310 is the base unit with optional Windows PC software.

Model 313 is a data logging unit to 16,000 readings and includes cable & PC software, real time clock, as well as 'K' thermocouple input - dual 'K' input optional.

Resolution:0.1ºC/F 0.1%RH
Range (accuracy):-20 to 60 ºC (±0.9ºC) 0 to 100% RH (±2.5%RH)
'K' Type Probe:-200 to 1300ºC (313 only)
Input Protection:60V DC or 24V rms AC Max.
Battery:9 Volt
Dimension:Meter: 186 x 164 x 30mm, Probe 190 x 15 mm
Weight:Approximately 320gm

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