Solvita® Digital Soil & Compost Testing

The Solivita<sup>®</sup> Digital Colour Reader Now compost users and producers can have what they deserve

The Solvita® Compost Maturity Test Kit is an important analytical tool which:

  • Enables users and producers of compost and recycled residues to conduct their own tests.
  • Permits rapid and efficient monitoring of decomposition progress and determination of compost use readiness.
  • Provides quality results in just 4 hours at a fraction of the cost of laboratory fees.

A true scientific breakthrough, the Solvita Compost Maturity Test is simple to use, economical and reliable. This new product helps both users and producer reach new quality standards for a finished compost product.

After a decade of successful Solvita® applications, Woods End is pleased to announce the "DCR" - Digital Colour Reader which vastly increases the reliability, precision and functionality of Solvita® Kits and helps reduce time-consuming and costly laboratory testing (See Chart 1 below)

Using white LED coupled to matrix-array optics the DCR reads Solvita® colour chemistry at unrivalled accuracy, speed and low cost. Using the USB lead you can then upload to your PC the actual numbers for each test sample.

Solvita® Classic Soil Testing

Solvita® is recognised worldwide as a valid test for stability and maturity of composted products.

The Basic Solivita<sup>®</sup> soil testing kit

The Basic Solivita® soil/compost testing kit

Solvita® + DCR

The new DCR reads Solvita® Test paddles to +-0.01 readability and +-0.05 unit precisions.

In addition to displaying accurate colour numbers the Solvita® DCR can give compost emissions of CO2 in %, soil respiration as ppm CO2 per day and micrograms of volitised NH3-N.

New versatility is afforded by being able to use these measures to accurately estimate oxygen demand in composting (ref Chart 2), N-losses, and the expected release of seasonal soil-N.

Routine lab precision is obtained with Solvita® + DCR by weighing in samples, which enables calculating product stability with industry standard units, e.g. mg CO2-C/g/day.

Easy use - accurate, meaningful results

Solvita® + Digital Colour Reader:

  • Makes it easy and very affordable for anybody to accurately evaluate compost. In the time of less than one day for sampling to end-result, you acquire important and very useful information about the status of your compost that you cannot get elsewhere.
  • Adds a new and exciting dimension of precision and enhanced capability onto the solid and proven Solvita® base and completes with the accuracy of laboratory methods.
  • Has been uniquely designed by compost scientists familiar with compost manufacturing and quality control needs.
  • Puts highly relevant, lab-level quality in your hands in the field, when you need it.

New technology for measuring soil C and N mineralisation potential.

Solvita<sup>®</sup> DCR Chart Solvita® - innovative rapid test for 24 hour CO2 burst.

  • No extra lab equipment
  • No wet chemicals
  • Streamline tests
  • High volume per day
  • Reduce costs
  • Field and lab use.

Soil studies have shown the utility of testing CO2 respiration as a means to gauge active soil carob and potential release of nitrogen. Recent research shows that the CO2 burst from short-term drying-rewetting accurately predicts N+P mineralisation, and is superior to current estimates of N-Min potential from soil organic matter.

The Solvita® procedure combines these findings with modern technology in reliable, simple to use process which can be preformed fairly rapidly at a significantly reduced cost compared to traditional lab respirometry.

The Solivita<sup>®</sup> soil test procedure

Weigh in dry soil,     Place in jar     Add H2O     Insert CO2 sensor     Incubate at 25°C     Read CO2 ppm at 24 hr.    

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