Optical and Digital Microscopes

One of a range of quality optical and digital microscopes for examining plant cells. The GS-5 Digital unit shown in middle, with the USB to PC M105 Microscope at right. Download brochure 625KB PDF.

Optical microscope Digital Microscope Digital USB M105 Microscope

The MeterMan can source a range of quality optical and digital microscopes for agricultural applications.

B200T Trinocular Microscope with Achromat Objectives.

Features of this B200T-TCA series microscope include:

B200T Trinocular Microscope with Achromat Objectives Cells under a microscope
  • Trinocular Head inclined at 30 deg Beam splitter 50/50
  • Eyepieces WF10x(18)
  • Achromat Objectives A4x, A10x, A40x, A100x(oil)
  • Nosepiece reversed 4 positions.
  • Co-Axial course and fine focusing knobs
  • Co-axial Mechanical Stage with specimen holder
  • Condenser Abbe 1.25 with iris diaphragm with rack & pinion adjustment.
  • Illumination variable LED with Lithium battery (approx 8hrs)
  • Blue filter, built in with mains power pack charger.
  • This microscope camera system can be used in the field with laptop as LED illumination is powered by inbuilt battery and camera is powered by USB from laptop.
  • Camera resolution: 1280x1024 (TCA 1.3), 2048x1536 (TCA 3.0) or 2592x1944 (TCA 5.0)


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