microBIOMETER® Testing Kit

The Meter Man, David von Pein is the exclusive agent for microBIOMETER® across Australia & New Zealand.

How Alive is Your Soil?

There are more microbes in a handful of living soil than there are humans on this planet. Infinitely small yet enormously important, we are just now starting to truly understand how vital the symbiosis is between plants and these micro-organisms.

In fact, we now believe that microbial biomass is the single best measurement of soil health. Have you measured yours recently?

Determining Soil Health & Fertility

The ultimate tool for determining soil health and fertility.

microBIOMETER® allows you to estimate the microbial biomass in your soil in 10 minutes for 10% of the cost of a lab test. Results are read and stored on your phone or tablet and in ‘the cloud’ for access across all your devices.

Seeing Healthy Soil

The microBIOMETER® is effective for analyzing the microbial biomass in any soil based growing medium as well as compost and compost teas.

As out rule of thumb, soil under 200 µg/g is low in microbial biomass, 200-400 µg/g is fair, 400-600 µg/g is good, and 600 µg/g plus is excellent.

Microbial biomass rises and falls naturally throughout the year, so a benefit of microBIOMETER® is the ability to test multiple times over the course of a season. This dynamic microbial flux is what we want to see from a healthy soil.

An extract of the included microBIOMETER instructions.

The Process

You can use MicroBiometer® anywhere. Read the instructions the first time, and we bet you won’t need them again. Mix sifted soil for 30 seconds in our reagent solution, let it settle for 10 minutes, place 3 drops on our test card, scan it with our smart phone app, and you are done - it really is that simple! Results are archived and accessible in the cloud.

Please Note: Refill kits are available to microBIOMETER® purchasers.

Fungal to Bacterial Ratio Test Now Available!

To help celebrate the release of Fantastic Fungi, we have some fantastic fungal news!

Our eagerly anticipated Fungal to Bacterial Ratio test is officially here! Whether you currently own a microBIOMETER® or purchase a new test kit from us, you will automatically be granted access to this important data to further assist you in monitoring the health of your soil and your plants.

As an added bonus, we are offering the Fungal to Bacterial Ratio test to all our customers at no charge for an introductory period of 6 months! (From April 2020) All you need to do is update your app and start testing.

Microbial Biomas Testing Kit
Microbial Biomas Testing Kit
Microbial Biomas Testing Kit
Microbial Biomas Testing Kit

Microbial Biomas Testing Kit - The Meter Man, David von Pein is the exclusive Australian & New Zealand agent.

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