Fruit Calliper/Sizer Range

13-sizes aluminum pocket calliper

Peach callipers Potato calliper

13-sizes aluminum pocket calliper
From 30 to 90mm in 5mm steps.
Product code: #53302

9-sizes aluminum pocket calliper
From 50 to 90mm in 5mm steps.
Product code: #53313


Peach callipers
6 sizes measurements: 16, 17.5, 19, 21, 23, 25 and from AAA to D.
Product code: #53308

Potato calliper
11 squaerd sizes from 30 to 80mm in 5mm steps.
Product code: #53301

Banana calliper Small fruit calliper All-in-one pocket sizer

Banana calliper
From 7/8" to 2 inches in 1/32" steps.
Product code: #53328

Small Fruit calliper
6 sizes from 18-32 mm in 1 mm steps .
Suitable for grapes, cherries etc.
Product code: #53318

All-in-one pocket sizer
30 holes from 18 to 23 mm (steps by 1 mm) and from 30 to 100mm (steps by 5mm).
Product code: #53337


Universal Dial Fruit Calliper
Measuring guide 40-100 mm.
Very easy to read dial & convenient waist pouch to carry it around.

Unit Product code #5330
Pouch Product Code #5335 OC
Note: Waist pouch sold separately

Turoni Fruit Measuring Gauge

Fruit Measuring Gauge.
Note: Waist pouch sold seperately.

Plastic universal calliper

Universal calliper
Providing a contemporary reading of diameter from 25 to 95 mm and circumference of 8 to 30mm.
Product code: #53307

Plastic universal calliper
From 20 to 100mm and from 4/5" to 4 inches.
Product code: #53321

Carrot Sizer Rings (CSR)

Durable metal construction, 15mm - 50mm in 5mm steps.

Carrot Sizer Rings

Small Fruit Sizer Card

Durable metal construction, 18mm - 32mm in 1mm steps.
Product code: #53336

Small fruit Sizer Card

Asparagus, Carrot & Leek Sizer

Asparagus, Carrot & Leek Sizer

Accurately measure Asparagus, Carrots & Leeks with this durable aluminium sizer vernier. 6 through 45mm sizing.

Fruit Vernier

Fruit vernier

Accurately measure any fruit with this sturdy plastic construction Fruit vernier. Large, clear easy to read markings 0-6" (15cm)

Small Fruit Ring Sizer

Durable metal construction.
Product code: #53318

Big Ring Sizer (BRS)

Durable metal construction, 95mm - 120mm in 5mm steps.

Potato Hydrometer  

Potato Hydrometer

Bulk-average type potato hydrometer

Used extensively throughout the potato industry by producers of foods such as crisps, French fries, potato wedges and canned, frozen and powdered potato products. This is a simple and accurate method of measuring the solid content or percentage dry matter of potatoes.

The method of use involves placing a known weight of potatoes in the basket and suspending the hydrometer and potatoes in a large container of clean water. The buoyancy of the unit in water determines the water level against the vertical scale and hence gives the dry matter reading.

Potato Hydrometer is available in three models:

  • D4500 17-25% dry matter (Standard type);
  • D4501 14-23% dry matter;
  • D4502 18-27% dry matter


  • A simple and accurate method of measuring the solid content or percentage dry matter of a bulk sample of potatoes.
  • A known weight of potatoes is suspended in a large container of clean water.
  • Used extensively throughout the potato industry

Product details courtesy of manufacturer: Martin Lishman UK.

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