Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) (radiation) meters

Tri-field® 100XE EMF meter
EMF Spy Electro-Magnetic Field meter

Are you concerned about the amount of electro-magnetic radiation in your home and around your children?

Tri-field® 100XE EMF meter

The Tri-field® 100XE EMF meter (pictured at left) is an affordable, simple to use EMF meter with four different measurement ranges, including:

  • Magnetic radiation - high field strength
  • Magnetic radiation - low field strength
  • Electric fields
  • radio/microwave radiation

This EMF meter is an excellent choice for a simple to use meter both in and out of the home or work place.


For those wanting a more sophisticated electro-magnetic radiation unit and are willing to learn to operate the EMF Spy, (pictured at right) this is an excellent unit.

This EMF meter has Hf & Nf ranges and with three different antennas is a very versatile unit.

With this EMF meter you can check your reading glasses frames, the wire in your bra, or any metallic object. One of the included external antennas can even be put into the bark of a tree for field strength testing.

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