atLEAF Chlorophyll Meters

The ‘atLEAF CHL’ meter is economical & simple to use. This meter is considerably less expensive than other similer meters and, most importantly, is very simple to operate.

Measurement results can also be downloaded to a Windows™ OS computer via a USB connection (atLEAF CHL PLUS). See below for details on each model. Measurement results are available in less than one second - providing a short turnaround for multiple tests.

The ‘atLEAF CHL’ meter for measurement of plant chlorophyll content

Using the ‘atLEAF CHL’ meter to quickley measure plant chlorophyll levels.

‘atLEAF CHL’ meter benefits include:

  • Measurement of plant chlorophyll level;
  • Measurement of plant Nitrogen;
  • Detection of plant stress not visible to the naked eye due to changes in weather or temperatures lack or excess of water;
  • Salt concentrations;
  • Monitor the efficacy & effects of fertilisation;
  • Examine leaf ageing.


Introduction to the atLEAF CHL STD

Both the atLEAF CHL STD and atLEAF CHL PLUS are a powerful, handheld, easy to use device for non-invasively measuring the relative chlorophyll content of green leaf plants.

By utilizing the four atLEAF CHL STD keys you can:

  • View up to 64 measurements stored in the device’s memory
  • Delete the most recently performed measurement
  • Delete all measurements
  • Perform instrument calibration

Introduction to the atLEAF CHL PLUS

By utilizing the four atLEAF CHL PLUS keys you can:

  • Assign species names to the measurements; device can store up to 490 names
  • View up to 9,554 measurements stored in the device’s memory
  • Delete the most recently performed measurement
  • Delete all measurements
  • Transfer plant names to the device or measurements to a computer using the USB mode
  • Display sensor temperature in °F and °C
  • Display time (Each performed measure has associated device time & sensor temperature)
  • perform and show average on selectable number of stored measurements

Note: ‘atLEAFSoft PRO’ software is required to sync the device time with PC time and to transfer the measurement temperature to PC. Software available as ‘atLEAFSoft Free’, ‘atLEAFSoft Evaluation’, or ‘atLEAFSoft PRO’ (for purchase)

How does it work?
Plant relative chlorophyll concentration is measured by inserting a leaf into the device aperture. Green leaves of up to 0.1 inch (3mm) thickness can be measured. It only takes one press of the key to perform a basic measurement.

Chlorophyll content can be an indicator of the plant’s condition. In general the measurement value of a plant leaf enjoying good health should be 35 or above (depending on the type of plant). Measurement should be considered relative to the healthy range for a given species when monitoring over time. In short: Higher chlorophyll readings indicate healthier plants.

Note: It is recommended that users read further information (available online) on the principles and utilisation of chlorophyll meters for plant & crop health.

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